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Wheel washers may seem simple, but it will be necessary for construction or even mining companies. The construction companies will need the lkw reifenwaschanlage or the truck wheel washers since the trucks and vehicles in the site will always be dirty. Even, the wheels can be heavily soiled, and it can be quite annoying when it leaves the sites. It will only make the road dirty, and it can cause problems. Moreover, it is harder for maintenance when the vehicles are dirty. In this situation, wheel washers can give solution. It will clean the wheel well so the wheels will be clean and there is no problem. As for the recommendation of the wheel washing manufacturer, there is MobyDick that can provide best technology.

Low Pressure Technology from MobyDick

It is true that MobyDick can provide wheel washers with the best technology. The engineers and experts in MobyDick use different approach in developing the tire washing system. The other manufacturers use the water in high pressure since it is considered faster to clean. However, it requires much energy to operate the engine. That is why MobyDick uses the low water pressure, and it is combined with management of water volume. With this combination, cleaning the wheel still can be done effectively without consuming much energy. The low energy consumption surely is great benefit for company.

Recycling Water Tank

Next, there is environmentally friendly technology that is used by MobyDick. It is the tank with recycling system. In the wheel washers from MobyDick, the machines do not require new or fresh water. There is already tank system that will store the water. It is not the clean water but recycled water. Water from the cleaning and washing process will not be wasted, but it will be recycled so later it can be reused. With this, it saves water consumption, and it is great for the environment. This is also good reasons of choosing MobyDick to get the best wheel washers to clean the vehicles. Even, there are also ConLine Kit Flex that uses the modular concepts while combining the washing systems of MobyDick. These give options for company to choose the suitable products.