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Homework is a controversial topic in the education system. Students are mostly on the opposite side. Of course, some of them still like doing homework. On the other hand, some experts argue that giving an assignment is part of learning. You will not learn without effort. The homework justifies your time and effort to master the knowledge. From this point, you understand the necessity of homework. The next thing is from a parent’s perspective. They are in two groups, pros, and cons. They know that the future is uncertain, and learning must be comprehensive with every effort. From experience, they apply the same method. Homework is necessary as a learning method. On the contrary, some of them think differently because understand the world is no longer in the same situation. The future might be bright and far easier due to the rise of technology. As parents, they have the responsibility to support education and learning that make the students can adapt and adjust to every situation. Giving the old methods is not the right option even no longer relevant. Instead of a good result, homework will affect physically and mentally. The problem that students face today is different from years ago. That’s why understanding this topic should start from how to know more about parents homework and fun way out.

Some Methods to Help Solving Homework

Some people do not like homework such as students and parents due to the lack of benefits from their perspective. It is like a business when you must analyze the method before implementation. After doing several things, the result is not what you expect. You do not get profit even loss significantly. It is time to look for another way. This situation is similar when discussing whether the homework is bad or good. It is nuisance that interferes with the nature of education itself. Doing the same thing as homework is definitely not the right steps in the learning process. You need to be progressive, open mind, and creative. Some methods are already useless due to a lack of adaptability. This is what happens with old homework. Moreover, the impact is significant such as stress, less sleep, and demotivation. You are in constant stress because homework is mandatory. When students do not complete the task, there is a consequence such as no point and a bad grade. It is not a good sign for education. Learning has to be fun and free without force. If someone pushes you to know and learn something, it is not education. The situation is the worst when the parents do not provide support. They want the best and the highest result. However, the students must do it on their own.

Lido Learning

It is time to do a review regarding the review. The pros and cons must have equal sides to explain. If the homework brings more good results, there is a chance to continue. The situation is vice versa when it creates a bad thing. As a solution, educators can try new methods for developing homework. Several ideas are already in place that require further implementation. They are problem-solving, challenging tasks, and real-life situations. Homework is a good opportunity to try a new approach. In the modern and digital era, some problems are complex that must be solved with out of the box thinking and method. With homework, students can learn how to find a solution with more than one way. Teachers do not give limits and let them create their own if possible. Solving the problem is the first step to enter the next level. Next, homework has to be challenging. You will lose interest immediately when seeing something that can be done quickly and easily. The repetitive task is not the right option to learn for long term. The last idea is homework in real-life situations. Students can understand the topic because they find in the real life. Another interesting idea is homework with a money-oriented task. When money is a reward, everyone starts to enter and ready to compete.

The Internet brings more opportunities to learn and know more. Students can find material related to their homework easily. In the old day, you did not have this technology. The library and expert were valid references. It does not mean they can solve the problem after spending much time exploring the internet. They can get the book, not the knowledge. The situation is similar but the media is different. They still need guide and reference to ensure they learn with the right method and step. As a solution, parents may consider online courses such as Lido Learning. It is a third-party platform that provides online learning. They will help parents with the professional learning session. As a parent, you pick the class and course. In this case, you discuss with your kids to understand their interests. After that, you subscribe and enroll in an online course. The schedule is printed and live learning will be started. It is the best method to utilize the internet at the fullest level. Parents can monitor and check their kids with the application. Moreover, the content and course may adjust with the homework and knowledge.